Top 10 Large Dog Breeds That Are Friendly To Cats

Large Dogs

The statistics from the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association has indicated that there are

47.1 million households that own cats while there are 60.2 million households that own dogs in the US.

It has also reported that half of each population actually owns both a cat and a dog.

Sheltering both cats and dogs is no longer uncommon compared to so many years back then when people believed that cats and dogs should never live in one roof to avoid fights. In fact, some pet owners see bringing a cat and a dog together as a great project.

Now, if you own a cat, getting a large dog may seem scary. However, this really shouldn’t bother you as there are actually dog breeds that are compatible with cats.

Here, we will tell you the top 10 large dog breeds that are friendly to cats and what you need to know about them.

Golden Retriever

This dog breed is known to be smart and easy to train.

Goldies are social and they can be careful around people and animals – even the ones that are smaller than they are. They have good adaptability and their outgoing personality could work well with cats.


This dog was originally bred and used by the fishermen in Newfoundland, a province of Canada. They helped fishermen pull the net and also haul wood from the forest.

Since they were initially bred for fisherman, you can expect them to be good swimmers.

Newfoundlands are generally intelligent, hardworking, and loyal to their owners. Their calm demeanor makes them a good companion, not only to you but also to other animals, like cats.


You can consider getting a greyhound even with kids and cats at home because of its sweetness. Initially, getting one of these dog breed could make you feel iffy because they are well-known for being a hunting dog.

The Greyhounds are fast runners and would chase smaller animals when triggered. However, this doesn’t make them dangerous for your cat. This breed is also known for being mild and affectionate.


When properly socialized, this kind of dog can get along with a cat easily. Boxers are usually happy and energetic, and those characteristics make them a suitable playmate to cats.

This dog breed is highly trainable and is known to be patient. Once they know who their family or pack is, they also tend to be protective.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This cuddly large dog is calm and could even be considered as shy. If properly socialized, this dog is easygoing and tolerant of people and other animals around it.

It is also known to be a watchdog, but this one doesn’t really show much aggression which makes this a good companion for cats and even kids.


Collies are both energetic and calm. They are easy to train and loves attention.

They are generally welcoming towards people and other animals which could make them a good friend to your feline buddy too. Collies tend to have quite a thick coat, but don’t worry as it’s not really hard to have them groomed.

Giant Schnauzer

When trained and well-socialized, Schnauzers are calm and laid back. Properly trained Schnauzers can work well with kids and other animals.

They also enjoy a bit of attention. However, keep in mind that if they are not properly trained, it could be a challenge to make them accustomed to other animals like a cat.

English Setter

This dog breed, when warmed up towards others, can be welcoming and affectionate. An English Setter is highly tolerant and could be a very good playmate for a cat because of its energy.

This is another one of the hunting dogs, but it has more tendency to go after birds.

Golden Shepherd

This dog breed is a cross between Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. It is known to be intelligent and easy to train. With that said, it should be easy to get this one accustomed to a cat.

Once a Golden Shepherd is already accustomed to a person or another animal, it tends to be affectionate. Even if it is laid back, this dog will also want some attention.

Labrador Retriever

Labs are good-natured assistant dogs. They are social and friendly. It wouldn’t take long for them to get accustomed to other people and cats when properly trained.

Labs would really rather fetch and retrieve which makes them have a low prey drive. If you’ll be training a Lab, be sure to stock up on treats as this dog enjoys being rewarded a lot.

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