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American Water Spaniel

American-Water-Spaniel Dog
American-Water-Spaniel Dog

Those beautiful brown dogs with curls all over are American Water Spaniels. This canine is popular for its curious, happy and charming personality. If you really want a pet dog, this designer breed will be perfect. Here’s a detailed piece on this sensitive ball of curl:

American Water Spaniel Appearance

The AWS male weighs between 30 and 45 pounds, while the female weighs between 25 and 40 pounds. The dog stands tall at an average height of 18 inches from the ground, so it’s a medium-sized dog with floppy ears.

Despite its weight, the Spaniel is a muscular dog that is usually covered in a dark chocolate coat. A few of these dogs come with white spots on the chest and around the toes. Most dogs are found in a single shade of brown with curly to wavy coats. These designer dogs have long, floppy ears that are most often covered in curly hair, and the tails are long and feathered.

The Water Spaniel features a double coat and a dense undercoat. The topcoat may either be curly like one of its parent breeds (the Curly-Coated Retriever) or a little wavy. The most common coat colors comprise of solid liver, brown and dark chocolate.

On average, a Water Spaniel has a life expectancy of 13 to 15 years.

American Water Spaniel Grooming

Equipped with curly to wavy coats, the Water Spaniel experiences light shedding intermittently throughout the year. A regular brushing routine is what it calls for! You will be required to comb its coat two to three times a week to prevent tangles and remove dead hair. Since the coat is curly, there is a higher probability of the dog catching burrs and debris, so you might want to use a slicker brush to give it a tidy appearance.

Moreover, you’ll be required to trim its nails every couple of weeks to avoid dirty nails and toes. The foot pads must also be cleaned every now and then. As for the ears, these dogs can develop ear infections easily, so keep them clean to avoid bacterial and yeast infections. Use a damp cotton ball to clean the ears thoroughly inside and out!

American Water Spaniel Temperament

The Water Spaniel has a pleasant and easy-going personality, and you’ll find it happy at all times. There are not many occasions where you’ll have your Water Spaniel throwing tantrums around the house. Its calm and loving personality is what makes it the best family dog.

Moreover, its alert nature makes it an amazing watch dog. However, you’ll have to cope with its incessant barking habits and aggression toward other dogs. You might not want to make it jealous by caressing and cuddling other dogs. It won’t like this at all!

The Water Spaniel is always eager to please its family both indoors and outdoors. Hence, it’ll keep you entertained all day long. You might even get a few long cuddles if you’ve had a bad day at work. However, the dog must not be left isolated for a long time or else it may develop an aggressive attitude.

American Water Spaniel Training

The AWS is easy to train, as it is not stubborn at all but quite the pleaser. However, training must begin from a young age when the Spaniel is only a puppy. The earlier the training begins, the more it can adapt to new faces, places, sounds and experiences as it grows old.

While training this friendly pup, make sure to use only positive reinforcement and a gentle voice. A strict training session will make it distrust you. Since the Water Spaniel is a Retriever by nature, it understands basics such as fetch, hunt and chase. Thus, you can skip these and move to obedience training. You may challenge the Water Spaniel with advanced training techniques, and it will surprise you with its intelligence and quick learning.

American Water Spaniel History

The Water Spaniel’s pedigree remains a mystery even today. The Irish Water Spaniel and Curly-Coated Retriever are considered possible parents of this breed. It was first spotted in the 1860s when this canine moved to the USA along with settlers. Typically a hunting dog, the Water Spaniel has survived in the toughest of terrains and living conditions, especially water.

It is also referred to as an all-in-one hunting companion due to its unmatched and brilliant Retriever abilities. It has been used to hunt grouse, pheasant, quail and rabbits.

Today, you will not find too many of these dogs around owing to the scarcity of the breed. According to the American Water Spaniel Club, only about 3000 of these species continue to exist.

The Water Spaniel was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1940, while the United Kennel Club considered it a unique designer breed in 1920. It is the 143rd of all breeds registered by the AKC, and it’s on the verge of extinction.

Other names

American Brown Spaniel, American Brown Water Spaniel, AWS

American Water Spaniel Photos

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