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Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier Dog
Black Russian Terrier Dog

Black Russian Terrier Appearance

The Black Russian Terrier comes with a double coat which consists of a coarse guard hair on the surface and a soft undercoat. If you touch this coat, you will realize that it is dense and hard not like in other dogs. It is not silky or woolly.

The coat forms a beard, and the face has visible eyebrows that make it unique. The withers have a slight mane. Males have a more pronounced neck than females. Just as the name suggests, your dog is black, but some have gray hairs that are partially distributed on the body.

This dog has large bones as well as strong muscles. A male black Russian terrier is 76 cm tall while a female is 72 cm tall. The weight of a male is 60 kg while the female is 50 kgs. A well-proportioned dog should retain appropriate movements.

Black Russian Terrier Grooming

You should trim the coat to keep it down at least 6 inches long. The coat is low shedding and requires proper grooming. You should groom the fur of your dog several times every week to keep it in good condition.

Use a slicker brush to maintain the coat of your dog and prevent matting. You can also get a stripping comb for your dog from a pet store. The coating may not shed excessively, but combing removes clumps on long coats. Do not tamper with areas such as the mustache, beard or eyebrows of your dog.

Black Russian Terrier Temperament

This dog is calm, self-assured and confident. Their intelligence is high that is why it guards well and protects you from any home intruders. It is alert and highly sensitive. Your dog makes the best companion due to their compassionate nature.

This treatment is not the same as strangers. It is not kind to strangers including other dogs since it is shy and not welcoming. This breed may portray aggression out of the fear of people they don't know.  Its excitability can sometimes be a challenge. Its instincts make it easy to adapt to different surroundings. It is playful and friendly to children.

Your dog understands work ethics and likes being busy to be happy. It is not a lazy dog that likes laying around all day. This personality is what made it perfect to be a military dog in the past. They love staying with humans and detest too much alone time.

You should take your dog for exercises often since it is hyperactive to prevent it from being destructive and allow it to burn its steam. Take it out for at least 30 minutes every day if you don't bring it to your work. It can stay in an apartment that has a lot of outdoor activities. Use a fenced yard to prevent your dog from wandering.

Black Russian Terrier Training

Black Russian Terriers are responsive to early, consistent training. It does well in obedience competitions. It is agile and excels in different dog sports like Schutzhund training. It can be stubborn. That is why you should train your dog as early as you buy it.

It also requires mental stimulation such as disc games and runs. You can get your black Russian terrier some puzzle toys to occupy the mind of your dog and keep him busy. Do not take out your puppy for too many exercises since it can be hurt from hard surfaces form the jumping.

If you need to improve the character of your dog, you can engage him in obedience classes. It involves positive reinforcements such as play, food, and praise. This will teach him how to respond to your commands to prevent it from being bossy. Crate training can also prevents your dog from accidents at home. It also helps your dog not take things they should not.

Black Russian Terrier History

Black Russian Terrier is a breed that was created in the 1940s to be used as a military dog. It originates from the Soviet Union Region. The dog was developed in the Red Star and used during the Second World War by the East Germans. Other breeds were used during that time such as the Caucasian Shepherd and Airedale Terrier.

Unlike most people who concentrate on the appearance of dogs, the developers focused on its working ability. Some people put the dog on an exhibition in 1955 which led to their publishing in 1958 and the adoption of the breed. Civilian breeders started buying some puppies for their looks. The puppies began spreading in European countries such as Poland and Australia.

Other names

Black Terrier, Tchiorny Terrier, Russian Black Terrier, Russkiy Tchiorny Terrier


BRT, Blackies

Black Russian Terrier Photos

Black Russian Terrier Puppy Photos

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