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Saluki Dog
Saluki Dog

Saluki Appearance

Saluki is a long legged and deep chested sighthound, a class of dog breeds that hunt by sight. Salukis are leggy, slim, strong and well poised. They are like dancers and athletes among dogs. A male Saluki may grow twenty three inches to twenty eight inches tall at the shoulder. Female Salukis are usually shorter. The dogs sport several patterns and colors. Their eyes are oval shaped and quite large, making them appear as intelligent and warm. The adaptable breed can work and live comfortably in most climates around the world.

Both male and female Salukis have narrow and long skulls. They are moderately wide from ear to ear. They have long ears with silky hair. Eye colors vary from hazel to dark. They have a muscled, supple and long neck, a little narrow but deep chest, set back shoulders, long and straight limbs, strong hipbones and a broad loin. Their feet are moderately long, so are their toes. Salukis have a long tail that has a nice curve and the underside is feathered with silky hair.

Salukis have a silky, soft and smooth coat, varying from white to fawn and cream to golden or red, tan, grizzle and a tricolor combination of black, tan and white or a mix of tan and black. The appearance of Salukis is graceful. The fine symmetry, the visibly strong and agile legs as well as form, the poise and the postures make them pleasing to look at.

Saluki Grooming

Salukis need nutritious dog food. This can be homemade or manufactured by one of the credible brands. It is best to choose the type of food after consulting a vet. Salukis do not have very stringent dietary requirements, regardless of age. Salukis tend to drink more water than many other breeds so having fresh and clean water available is quintessential. Salukis can be skimpy or gluttonous. They can veer on extremes unless checked at the right time. If you have two Salukis then you may have to separate them during mealtimes to prevent one eating its own food and that of the other.

Salukis can have feathered or smooth coats. Both these types of coats will be just fine with once a week brushing. Those with long feathers over their ears and tails would need some special attention. Salukis are cleaner than other breeds. They do not need regular bathing. It may need a shower only when it is noticeably dirty or if you are preparing your dog for a special event. Salukis do not have the typical smell associated with dogs.

Saluki Temperament

Salukis were hunting hounds. They have retained some of the temperamental traits of hunting hounds. Salukis may not be too welcoming of or warm towards strangers. They may seem reserved in unfamiliar places and among unknown people. Salukis take time to get familiar even with their owners. It is not a given that a Saluki off leash will return to its owner unless it has spent some considerable amount of time bonding with the family.

Salukis should be treated patiently, gently, quietly and calmly over a period of time. While historically it was a breed used for hunting, the contemporary Saluki does not like retrieving balls or other strenuous activities. But it does like chasing things that move, especially squirrels, birds and cats. It likes soft toys. Salukis are calm and quiet so they can be suited for apartments or condos. They do get bored so isolation or loneliness for a substantial period of time is not ideal for a Saluki.

Saluki Training

Salukis may overeat and hence can become overweight. They can be aloof most of the time and also might get bored. This leads to further inactivity. Salukis must be trained in due course of time. A hasty process does not work. Routine exercise is imperative if there is no specific training program. Daily walks while on a leash are mandatory. This helps a Saluki stay healthy, not just physically but also mentally. Your house should be fenced if you have a Saluki or it may run out chasing something and may end up amidst traffic. Salukis need crate training, obedience training and canine sports, preferably coursing and flyball.

Saluki History

Saluki is an ancient breed of dogs. Their origin can be traced back to 7000 B.C. Salukis were favorites of Egyptian pharaohs and also Alexander. Salukis were widely domesticated and also used for hunting across Egypt, the present day Middle East which was Persia, Turkey and the Arabian Peninsula. It was also widely found in Asia. Saluki predates the pyramids. The word Saluki is a coinage of ‘salu’ and ‘ki’, Sumerian for ‘plunge earth’. While the Saluki breed was used by nomadic tribes for hunting, it was not really named by Sumerians. The earliest references to this name are in Arabic poetry dating back to its pre-Islamic era. Some people think that Saluki is derived from Seleucia, which is Saluqiyyah in Arabic. However, historians have argued against this perceived origin as saluqi is a common Arabic word used to describe people or things related to Saluq.

Other names

Slougui,  Arabian Greyhound, Arabischer Windhund, Sloughi Moghrebi, Arabian Sighthound, Levrier Marocain, Royal Dog of Egypt, Persian Greyhound. Gazelle Hound

Saluki Photos

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