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English Pointer

English Pointer Dog
English Pointer Dog

English Pointer, also known as a Pointer, is a breed of dog deservingly known for its sporting prowess. English pointer is agile and fast. You will find pointers in a myriad of patterns and colors. A pointer may be medium or large in size. Males are usually twenty eight inches tall at their shoulder and can weigh as much as seventy five pounds. Females are usually twenty five inches tall and can weigh as low as forty five pounds. The shortest males are around twenty five inches tall and weigh fifty five pounds. The shortest females are twenty three inches tall but the largest females can weigh as much as sixty five pounds.

English Pointer Appearance

English pointers have a medium sized skull. The width is as long as the muzzle. This makes the head appear longer than wider. They have a furrow between their eyes, the cheeks are chiseled, the jaws are squared and leveled, nostrils are wide open and fully developed and the ears are at the level of their round eyes. Pointers have an intense gaze. Their eyes are usually dark. Pointers have a dry, long and muscular neck and it is slightly arched. The shoulders are sloping, thin and long. The pointers have bold breastbones, well sprung ribs, straight forelegs, solid and strong back and moderately long and arched loin. The tail has a fine tip but is heavy at the root. Pointers have powerful and muscular hindquarters, oval feet with arched toes and a dense and short coat which is usually smooth. The color of the coat may be black, lemon, liver or orange. There can be mishmashes of white and other solid colors. Dark colored pointers have brown or black nose.

English Pointer Grooming

The dense and short coat of a pointer is smooth and glossy. It does not require much maintenance. You can brush the coat once a week. Use a brush with soft bristles. You may also use a pair of hound gloves. They can be handy to get rid of loose hair and dirt. The ears need regular inspection and if necessary cleaning with some soft gauze. You should use a safe and effective ear cleaning solution. Consult a vet to be sure of your choice. Shedding is occasional and hence not much of a concern.

English Pointer Temperament

English pointers are intelligent, alert and proud. These are reflected in its appearance and poise. Pointers are muscular. They have stamina or endurance, strength and courage. They have an even temperament. This attributes makes them a pleasing companion to have, whether you are at home or out somewhere. A pointer is dignified. It would not show any unwarranted aggression but it would also not be timid. It would not be intimated by the owner, strangers or other dogs.

Pointers require regular exercise. They are naturally energetic so idling around or having nothing to do will have adverse effects on their natural behavior and lifestyle. Pointers are loyal, clean and affectionate. They can cohabitate with cats and dogs. They do not have strict territorial sense or possessive habits. Children are safe with a pointer around. Some pointers are playful and a rather joy to have for a family with kids. The breed does have a tendency to bark when there is something suspicious, especially an unexpected noise. This does not make the breed ideal as a watchdog. Pointer was a hunting dog but the contemporary ones are satiated with other activities.

English Pointer Training

Pointers can gallop faster than many other breeds of dogs. The breed is indeed one of the most athletic and strong. English pointer needs daily exercise. The dog needs a fenced yard and it should be large enough for it to move freely and without bumping into something or the other. The pointers are not ideal for small apartments or condos. Despite the energy and ability to be extremely active, English pointers can become lazy and they can become just as much a couch potato as the man or woman of the house. Pointers live longer than ten years. Some live up to fifteen years. They may suffer from hip dysplasia, epilepsy, allergies and cherry eye. It is a versatile breed and quite easy to train. It can learn new tricks quickly. It can be trained to be useful in therapy and search and rescue operations.

English Pointer History

English pointers were British pointing dogs that aided in the hunting of hares. Pointers worked with other coursing hounds on hunting expeditions. The origin of the breed can be traced back to the early seventeenth century. In the eighteenth century when wing shooting became popular, pointers were used as gun dog. They would point towards game birds and retrieve them. It is still used for the same purpose by many hunting enthusiasts.

Other names

Pointer, British Pointer

English Pointer Photos

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