Wondering how old Fido really is? Check out the chart below! Simply look for your pup’s age in the brown column on the left and match it to their current weight listed above the green columns to get an idea of just how old your dog would be in human years.

all big dog breeds dog's age chart

While calculating your dog’s age isn’t as simple as multiplying by seven, it’s relatively easy to figure out. The widely known misconception of multiplying your dog’s age by seven to learn their age in human years has been circulating for quite some time. While the origin of this statement is unknown, this equation is actually not supported by any empirical evidence or science. Some veterinarians believe it was developed simply as a marketing ploy to encourage dog owners to bring their pooches in at least once a year for an annual check-up. Many factors such as breed, size, and weight can all have an impact on the length of your pup’s lifespan. Lifespans also tend to decrease the heavier the dog is, which is why maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle and ideal weight is key in providing a long, happy life for your four-legged companion. Larger dog breeds such as the Great Dane or American Pit Bull Terrier, tend to mature and reach adulthood at a much more accelerated rate than smaller dogs. As a result, they also continue to age at a faster rate than the smaller dogs in the pack. Some small dog breeds can have significantly longer lifespans, sometimes double or even triple that of dogs like the Bernese Mountain dog. Researching the average life expectancy of a breed is important before making any adoption decisions; make sure you’re aware how long you can expect to care for the newest addition to the family. Some families with children or those who greatly struggle with loss may not be best suited for dogs with short lifespans. However long your furry friend is by your side, they always seem to leave a huge paw print on our hearts.