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Kuvasz Dog
Kuvasz Dog

This handsome-looking dog is a sheepdog that is the most fearless and loyal companion you ever have. With its white coat and well-muscled body, it is one of the most graceful breeds of dogs. Here is everything you need to know about this breed.

Kuvasz Appearance

Kuvasz is a large-sized dog. It has a well muscled and sturdy built. Its white thick coat bears no marking or spots. Its head is the most distinguished part of the entire body. It has a white double coat that is dense and may vary in texture. It has almond-shaped eyes that are quite expressive and a dark nose. It is a muscular and agile dog, not bulky.

The male Kuvasz stands 28 to 30 inches in height and weighs between 100 and 115 pounds. The female is slightly smaller and measures 26 to 28 inches in height and 70 to 90 pounds in weight. A Kuvasz has smooth short hair on the muzzle, ears, head, and paws.

Kuvasz Grooming

Kuvasz coat needs regular brushing in order to remove mats and tangles from the hair. Brushing also distributes the oil evenly throughout the hair. Regular brushing insures that the coat remains healthy and shiny. You will also find less hair in the house to clean.

Use a large tooth comb to effectively brush through the hair. Since Kuvasz tends to shed heavily especially during the fall and spring season, it is advised to brush their coat daily. Their coat is odor free, hence regular baths are not needed. However, whenever you bathe the dog, make sure to use the veterinarian-approved shampoo, as regular shampoo may cause dryness. Avoid overbathing the dog as it may strip off protective oil.

Check your dog’s ears regularly for any signs of infection or wax build-up. Do not insert ear swabs. Instead, use vet-approved tools and cleansers to clean the ears. Regular teeth brushing will insure that there is no tartar or plaque accumulated. It will also keep bad breath away and insure healthy gums.

Trim the nails, if they do not wear down on their own. It is important to take your dog’s grooming seriously to insure its overall health. You can take your dog to a professional groomer or do it yourself at home.

Kuvasz Temperament

An extremely intelligent dog, the Kuvasz, is a patient and a loyal pet. This breed always looks for attention from its owners. They are playful dogs with high energy level and enjoy being outdoors. Although extremely affectionate toward the owner, these dogs tend to stay aloof in front of strangers.

These dogs are independent and are bred to work in hard conditions. They act on their own. This breed tends to be stubborn and requires to be handled by someone experienced.

Their independent nature can make it difficult to train them. Therefore, socialization and obedience should be inculcated from an early age to benefit both the owner and the dog. Kuvasz needs to have your trust before it listens to your command.

Kuvasz tends to bark a lot. It may bark to warn you of any potential threat or dangerous situation. Most of the time, it is a false alarm due to their powerful instincts. This quality makes them amazing watchdog or guardian dog for large estates.

Kuvasz Training

Training the Kuvasz could be tricky as it will only obey you if it trusts you. Their independent nature requires an authoritative handler to teach them obedience and other similar things. It is important to start their training from the time they are little puppies to insure that the bad habits and eradicated and good ones are encouraged.

Always use positive reinforcement when training this dog. Negative reinforcement such as shouting may make it feel frightened from you and affect your bonding. Do not punish your dog by locking it in or leaving for prolonged hours. This may trigger anxiety and depression along with other health problems.

As Kuvasz is a working dog, it enjoys both mental and physical stimulation. You need to plan activities that both you and your dog can do together. Lack of adequate exercise may cause aggressive behavior.

Kuvasz History

This breed of dogs was livestock guardian who moved with Magyar tribes to Hungary in 896 A.D. These dogs were bred to guard livestock and work under harsh conditions. They have a reputation for being extremely protective family dogs. This breed was largely killed in the World War II by Soviet and German soldiers and was almost extinct.

Other names

Hungarian Kuvasz

Kuvasz Photos

Kuvasz Puppy Photos

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