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Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter Dog
Gordon Setter Dog

Gordon Setter Appearance

One of the largest breeds, the Gordon Setter is a member of the setter family. It is also called “black and tan.” It has a black coat with markings on its legs, throat, vent and muzzle. Each eye has a spot above it, and two distinctive spots are present on the chest.

Even though it’s quite uncommon, a red Gordon Setter can be born to parents with normal colors. The coat of theirs is either straight or has a slight wave. Feathering is present on the ears, legs, chest, stomach and tail.

The height of the male is about 27 inches, while the female is slightly smaller than that. It can weigh around 80 pounds and is well-muscled with a short back.

Gordon Setter Grooming

To get rid of and prevent tangles, the Gordon Setter has to be brushed two to three times a week. Also, always trim or cut the hair on the dog’s feet to prevent dirt tracks around the house. Giving it a bath once or twice a week can keep the coat shiny and healthier for a long time. You should use a special shampoo formulated for it as its skin and hair can become too dry with regular shampoos.

As the Gordon Setter has long ears hanging down, it can be difficult for air to circulate, causing infections. A veterinarian-approved solution combined with a cotton ball should be used to cleanse the ears. Do not use a cotton swab in the dog’s ear.

Furthermore, regular brushing of teeth can help get rid of plaque buildup. Dogs have special toothpaste formulated just for them, so use them instead of a regular toothpaste. Trim the dog’s nails as well if they do not wear down naturally.

Gordon Setter Temperament

According to the American Kennel Club, the Gordon Setter is interested, confident and alert. It is also fearless, willing and intelligent. This breed of dog is extremely loyal to its owner. The dog strives in a friendly and engaging environment. A Gordon Setter has been observed to be an extremely loyal breed. Given constant attention and care, these dogs will become your best friends for life.

Due to their strong mind and willingness, they are able to withstand even the rigorous of trainings. A puppy or male adult can have a lot of energy, so they may not be ideal for households with very young children.

The Gordon Setter is an emphatic and eager learner who requires gentle but assertive handling. It takes three years for a Gordon Setter to achieve prime as it is slow in reaching maturity. This is why it shows puppy-like traits, even when it is quite old.

Gordon Setter Training

As puppies, Gordon Setters can be extremely clumsy, so it is recommended to train them from a young age. This is necessary to prevent any negative traits that might show up later.

The dog needs to be trained to follow you as a leader. Acting assertive is important. If you act meek, the dog will not follow you properly and might even become stubborn.

Due to its highly eager and fearless nature, it is important to expose it to other pets and people. To tame its restlessness, it is essential to expose it to brisk exercises like jogging or long walks.

Training the Gordon Setter can be very easy with just a few tricks. Do not expose it to rigorous training or exercises like the obedience jump until it is 2 years old. This can strain its bones and joints and hinder its development.

Gordon Setter History

The Gordon Setter was a result of Scots huntsmen who bred collies and hounds with the setter line. They were produced to work under rigorous conditions.

The Fourth Duke of Gordon had a keen interest in this breed. In the 1800s, the duke’s kennel was breeding and producing these setters, which were named after him. His aim was to create a breed that was smaller, speedier and more powerful than the typical setter of that time. With the rise in field trials, this breed became less popular as there were other breeds that had extreme speed and dexterity such as Pointers and Irish Setters.

The Gordon Setter still remains a very capable breed. The breed of today is not much different from its ancestors. It has the same unique features, the eagerness to learn and love for its caring owner.

Gordon Setter Photos

Gordon Setter Puppy Photos

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