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Irish Setter

Irish Setter Dog
Irish Setter Dog

Irish Setter Appearance

A breed of the gun dog, the Irish Setter is a family dog. It has a silky, long coat of chestnut or red color. The coat requires constant brushing to keep it tangle-free. It has feathers on several places such as the chest, legs, ears and body.

The male Irish Setter is typically 24 to 28 inches in height, whereas the female is slightly smaller in size. They have deep chests and small waists. Their life expectancy is usually 11 to 12 years.

It is one of the most beautiful breeds in the world. Its feathered coat along with its aristocratic air makes it a head turner. It has a long head with a defined occiput and a long muzzle that stops at a black or dark brown nose. It has almond-shaped eyes that are wide-set and brown. Its long ears hang down with silky hair. It has an efficient gait.

Irish Setter Grooming

The coat of an Irish Setter requires daily brushing in order to rid it of dirt and debris, remove all tangles, prevent matting and keep the coat healthy and shining. If it’s brushed regularly, it will not need to be bathed regularly. It can be done just a couple of times in the year.

The ears are prone to quick infections as they are long and hanging and do not allow air to circulate. Check its ears on a daily basis for odor, redness or other irritation signs. Do not use cotton swabs to clean its ears. Get a solution that’s veterinarian-approved and use a cotton ball to cleanse.

Brushing its teeth regularly can remove the buildup of tartar, improve gum health and prevent bad breath. Dogs usually wear down their nails when they are outdoors, but if they don't naturally, make sure to trim its nails on a monthly basis.

Irish Setter Temperament

The Irish Setter has no problem getting along with children or other dogs. It greets visitors with enthusiasm. It usually has no issues with small household pets but can sometimes react to cats or be rambunctious with children. According to the UK Standards and ANKC, these dogs have been observed to be affectionate. Therefore, an Irish Setter makes for a great pet or a great animal companion.

This breed of dog enjoys spacious outdoors and is quite active. Therefore, it should be taken on daily long walks.

An Irish Setter enjoys responsibility. It gets destructive or hyperactive when it is bored. Due to its high intelligence, it is very easy to teach it tricks or do positive training. However, it is not an assertive dog, so it does not make for a good guard dog, although it is quite alert to its surroundings.

Irish Setter Training

Due to its high intelligence, an Irish Setter isn’t difficult to train, but a lack of stimulation can be destructive for the dog. It requires an outlet for its energy. It does not show aggressive behavior toward children but does require constant company.

Always train an Irish Setter with positive reinforcement. Do not let the dog be afraid of you.

It has a short attention span, but given constant training, it can easily master a few tricks. The training session for an Irish Setter should not be too long with a maximum of 3 to 7 minutes. You can pick up the pace gradually.

Irish Setters usually like to eliminate in one spot and quickly learns the spot they should go to for this purpose.

Give it meals 2 to 3 times a day in small portions to prevent bloating.

Irish Setter History

The Irish Setter breed dates to the early 1700s. The breed was developed in Ireland and spread to the British Isle.

Although its ancestry is a precise debate, some people speculate that this breed is a cross between Irish Terriers and Irish Water Spaniels. According to some other experts, it is speculated that the progenitors of the breed were English Setters that were cross-bred with Springer Spaniels, Pointers and Irish Water Spaniels with Gordon Setters thrown in as well.

The red Irish Setter first appeared in Ireland in the 1800s. The early ancestry was red and white in color. Due to its strong sense of smell, the breed was used to locate birds. In the 1800s, it was also imported to America to be gundogs.

Due to being physically beautiful with their long, shiny coats, the Irish Setters have been sought as show dogs on many occasions.

Other names

Red Setter (Irish: sotar rua)
Irish Red Setter

Irish Setter Photos

Irish Setter Puppy Photos

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