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Akbash Dog

Akbash dog
Akbash dog

Akbash Dog Appearance

The Akbash has a double coat with furs that are short and smooth. The ears seem to have a biscuit coloring on them. The legs of this dog are long and it has feathered curls on its tail. The inner coat may not be entirely white. You may notice some blackish-brown fur beneath the outer layer.

Some Akbash dogs have short coatings while others a long one. It sheds heavily on different seasons. The tail and the legs have a long wavy coat.

The regions surrounding the eyes, nose, and lips are black, but they turn light during cold temperatures. The bodies of these dogs are strong and flexible. The neck area is loose preventing them from getting hurt during fights.

The head of an Akbash dog may be medium or heavy, and the ears are floppy. A male Akbash dog weighs 140 lbs while a female can weigh 80 pounds. These dogs can bark in excess if they suspect unusual activities. You may find that your dog has a habit of digging as they try to cope with harsh conditions.

Akbash Dog Grooming

The white long double coat of your dog needs proper grooming. It sheds the hair as well as dirt on its own. You should brush your dog weekly to get rid of dead hair on its skin and keep the coat healthy. Bath your dog when he is dirty and avoid bathing him too often.

Keep the nails of your dog short so that it does not hurt a child. Short nails also prevent stones from getting stuck between them. Dental hygiene is also crucial for your Akbash dog. There is a specific toothpaste meant to brush the teeth of your dog. The vet of your dog should approve the toothpaste.

Akbash Dog Temperament

The character of this dog is not the best to stay with. It is a flock guardian or a show dog and not one that you place on your lap for companionship.  Your dog is calm and unaggressive. It is not a shy type but remains aware of its surroundings.

It remains alert to spot any strangers as well as unusual sounds. The instincts of this dog can tell changes in the surroundings.  It may not be aggressive but can discern usual from unusual circumstances. This ability is what makes it perfect for guarding livestock. It portrays power on predators but shows calmness on goat kids or young children.

Most people confuse this dog as a herding dog because it loves the company of livestock. It is a low-energy dog that is good at patrolling their territories. They have sharp senses that enhance their instincts. This dog is powerful and has high levels of focus and endurance. 

An Akbash dog is a working breed that likes being mentally engaged. They are loyal, intelligent, brave and independent. They are the territorial type that does not entertain other dogs. If you train your dog well, it can live with a cat or livestock. They like working with the owner as a partner but not as the subordinate. They also love fighting wolves and guarding your home against unfriendly animals.

Akbash Dog Training

If you train this dog from puppyhood, it grows to get along with other domestic species. It offers less companionship on a man but more on fellow animals. Akbash dogs think independently. This makes training difficult when you are using obedience exercises. It needs proper training to assimilate him into your home.

This is not the dog that chases balls when you throw at them. The training of this dog does not allow it to chase down on things. They have a weakness of escaping if you don't do the training well. Your dog can also show signs of being destructive if you do the training at later stages of their life. The dog does not like being confined in small areas.

Ensure that you use strong, tall fences to contain it within your parameters. You can teach your dog to remain indoors if you don't have a big yard and livestock. You can engage your dog to at least twenty minutes exercise every day to prevent weird behavior caused by the lack of a mental challenge.

The dog hates cruel training. He appreciates a kind, consistent training and not threats or forced instructions. If you are cruel to your dog, it can show signs of aggression and destructive tendencies. 

Akbash Dog History

The American Judith introduced the Akbash dog to North America in 1970. They spend lots of time researching on this breed and other white colored dogs. People who used this dog in the past domesticated it to as a livestock dog. It offered protection against predators of livestock in the past.

Other names

Akbas Coban, Kopegi

Akbash Dog Photos

Akbash Puppy Photos

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