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Cane Corso

Cane Corso Dog
Cane Corso Dog

The Cane Corso is a powerful dog breed with immense strength. Not only does this breed make an excellent watch dog, but it can also be kept as a housedog. Here’s all you need to know about the dog:


The Cane Corso is a muscular and majestic animal that is big-boned and powerful. It has prominent cheekbones and a broad skull. Its ears are high, and it has a docked tail. Overall, the body structure of it is thick and strong. The dog isn’t very tall, but it is a breed with strength. The movement of the Corso is very elegant. It may look like a ferocious dog that can attack any time.

The height of the male Corso is 24 to 28 inches, while its weight is between 95 and 110 pounds. The female height is between 23 and 26 inches, and its weight is between 85 and 100 pounds. The Cane Corso may seem even heavier in person.

The breed has a dense double-coat with the undercoat being light and soft. They come in many different colors such as black, fawn and grey.


The Cane Corso doesn’t require hardcore grooming as it doesn’t shed a lot. To maintain its coat, all that is required is a damp cloth to wipe it and occasional brushing.

The toenails of the Corso should be cut on a monthly basis. The Corso should be made familiar with this routine at a very young age. This way, it will feel easy when having its toenails cut and will be familiar with the routine. Dental care will also be required for the Cane Corso to prevent the buildup of tartar.


The Cane Corso is an overall friendly animal that loves to be around children. It is an affectionate and loyal dog that can be an amazing watchdog. It is a reliable pet that is naturally possessive.

It is sensitive to danger and can bring harm to anyone who threatens it or its owner. If properly trained, the Cane Corso will know when to be protective and when to let things go.

This breed is not noisy. It will remain calm inside the house unless it senses danger and gets in its protective mode. The Cane Corso isn’t very social when it comes to meeting other animals. It prefers to stay alone or with its owner.


The training of the Cane Corso has to be started from a young age. It learns most between the ages of 3 and 12 weeks. Teaching basic commands to the Corso is crucial for the safety of the owner and dog.

When you adopt the Cane Corso, it is important that you give it attention from the start. Discourage unwanted behavior such as biting and jumping. Tell your dog who is in command and who it should listen to. If there are multiple people to command it, it will eventually get confused.

Reward the Cane Corso for good behavior and guide it on what is right and what is wrong. Take the Corso out for walks at a young age so that it doesn’t develop into a shy pup.

The Cane Carso is a very intelligent breed that is willing to please its owners. Hence, it is easy to train, but it needs a loving environment. Discipline and training make the Cane Corso a reliable pet. Reinforce the training with kindness and provide the pet with a clear direction. Having consistency when raising the Corso is important.

To allow it to grow into a happy companion, it is important that it is socialized from a very young age. It needs to be around trustworthy companions who will provide it with directions. Not training the Cane Corso properly will make it adopt destructive behaviors.


The Cane Corso falls in the subcategory of a working breed known as mollosus dogs. Mollosus dogs have a history that dates back to the Greeks. They were guardian dogs that were later brought to Italy and crossed with Italian breeds. The result of this crossing was the ancestor of the breed we know today as Cane Corso. This breed was much bigger than the ones found today and had a catlike movement.

Later, as the Western empires dissolved, the Corso breed was used in other activities such as farming and hunting. Toward the mid-20th century, the Corso was almost extinct. However, in the 1970s, Italians realized how important it was to revive this breed. In 1983, a Cane Corso society was formed and later, the breed was showcased in fashion shows. In 1988, the breed was imported to America and officially recognized by the AKC in 2010.

Other names

Cane Corso Mastiff, Cane Corso Italiano, Italian Mastiff

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