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American Foxhound Dog
American Foxhound Dog

The Foxhound is a loyal and kind animal that is perfect as a companion. This dog breed has been around for more than two centuries and is very athletic. By athletic, we mean that it enjoys exercising and jogging. It has a mild nature, which makes it perfect as a house dog. If you want an active and alert dog, this can be a good option to go for.

Here’s all you need to know about the Foxhound and what kind of a dog breed it is:


The Foxhound is a tall, large, handsome hound. Its front legs are long and straight, and it has broad ears. The eye color of the hound is usually brown or hazel. Its eyes are large but mostly carry a gentle expression. The hound has a long head and a tail that curves upward.

The coat of the hound is short and hard with many color variations. It lies close to the body and coat is designed in a way to protect it from burs that are encountered when on the hunting field.

The normal size of the male hound is 22 to 25 inches, whereas the females are smaller at 21 to 24 inches. Male hounds weigh between 65 and 70 pounds, and females weigh between 60 and 65 pounds.


Grooming of all pets is essential if you want them to survive for a long time. The average lifespan of an American Foxhound is 11-13 years.

Grooming the Foxhound isn’t a difficult job as it hardly sheds and even when it does, it is very little. Furthermore, it should only be given a bath when dirty or when it smells.

The ears of the Foxhound require checkup on a weekly basis to ensure wax hasn’t built up. Irritation or infection may also develop unnoticed if the ears are not checked regularly. Cotton balls can be used to clean the ears, or a cleanser can be used that is vet-approved.

The nails of the dogs should be trimmed at least once a month. Brushing the dog’s teeth at least weekly is also essential to avoid the build-up of tartar. Keeping the gums healthy is important to avoid gum diseases. It’s better to brush the dog’s teeth daily for better hygiene.

Grooming habits in dogs should be encouraged from a young age. When it comes to grooming, dogs aren’t very obedient, which is why they have to be rewarded every time they listen to you. While grooming, look out for sores, infection or redness that can be harmful for the dog’s health.


The Foxhound is a very active dog that loves to socialize. It is easygoing and has a playful nature. It gets along with other animals quite well. However, if surrounded by small animals, it has the tendency to chase them. It is better to socialize this breed from a young age so that it doesn’t have trouble getting along with other animals.

This breed doesn’t mature as quickly as other dog breeds. They remain playful till they are at least two years old. Overall, the Foxhound is very strong and requires you to take it out for exercise.


To train the Foxhound, you will have to divide the training in different phases. The training should begin with the teaching phase, where you will have to provide the hound with a demo of what you want it to do. After doing this, the practicing phase begins, where you have to practice with your pet everything you taught it.

Keep changing practice locations and the environment. Take it out for walks and give it commands to follow. This is the generalizing phase. With enough practice, the Foxhound will start responding to you and will listen to your commands. This is the testing phase where you can check if the Foxhound is on the right track.

Lastly comes the internalizing phase, where the dog starts responding to everything you have taught it. You can reward the dog every time it listens to you.


The history of the Foxhound dates back to 1650 when it was developed through a line of hounds. It originated in the states of Virginia and Maryland. George Washington was also among the early breeders of Foxhounds, who bred American Foxhounds with French and British Foxhounds.

The breed was formed to hunt foxes because of their active nature. The Foxhound is famous for its musical baying that can be heard at long distances. Today, the duties of the Foxhound have changed with its increased participation in trial competitions and its use as a trail dog and a pack dog.

Other names

American Foxhound, English Foxhound

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