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Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle Dog
Standard Poodle Dog

There are three types of poodle. The toys are ten inches tall or shorter. The miniature poodle is fifteen inches tall or shorter. Standard poodle is over fifteen inches tall at their shoulder. Standard poodle is a popular dog breed. Standard poodles are smart, proud and active. A male typically weighs sixty to seventy pounds whereas a female weighs around forty to fifty pounds. A standard poodle is expected to live for ten years up to eighteen years. It is a non-sporting breed but it can be successfully trained.  

Standard Poodle Appearance

Standard poodle has a squarely built form. It is well poised and moves around rather proudly and soundly. If groomed well and taken care of, a standard poodle appears elegant and has an air of dignity. The dog has proportionate limbs in respect to its body, form, height and weight. It has dark oval shaped eyes. The ears are close to its head just at or a little below the eye level. Its ear leather is wide and long, densely feathered. It has a round skull, flat cheekbones, straight and long muzzle, strong and white teeth, strong and proportioned neck, snug skin at the throat, well strong muscular shoulders, deep chest and broad, short but muscular loin. The tail is straight and has a decent length for its form. It has a laid back shoulder blade and straight hind legs. Standard poodles have curly or corded coats. The coat may be white, blue, silver, gray, brown, cream, apricot or café-aulaits. The coat can be various shades of the same hue.

Standard Poodle Grooming

Standard poodle needs nutritious dog food. You should not compromise on the quality. Consult a vet to determine the ideal diet for your poodle and choose the best brands accordingly. Standard poodle is not particularly vulnerable to obesity but it can become overweight due to excessive calorie consumption. Treats that are imperative in training should be healthy and the quantity should be kept in check.

A standard poodle needs daily brushing. Only those with clipped coats can fare well with once or twice a week brushing. A poodle with a full coat will have matted hair at the roots if you do not brush it thoroughly every day. You can learn to clip and trim so you do not need to keep spending money on grooming a poodle. The breed does not have a shedding problem. It needs a nice bath once a fortnight or you may prefer a monthly bathing ritual coupled with trimming its nails.

Standard Poodle Temperament

Standard poodle is intelligent and sociable. It is energetic. It needs activities that stimulate it physically and intellectually. The breed is instinctive and hence it is quite useful for hunting and marking. While a poodle is sociable, it may take some time to get familiar with strangers. If a poodle is vicious or snappy then it is an unacceptable flaw. A standard poodle is not usually shy so it should be treated as an aberration and a symptom of something wrong with the particular dog.

Standard poodles are kind and good with kids. They are gentle and can be safe to have around toddles or infants. The dogs do not have any erratic behavior in a calm, relaxed and orderly environment. The only concern with a poodle is its possible reaction to a rapid or sudden attempt to grab and hug it. A standard poodle is still a small dog and it gets terrified at sudden actions of people, especially when it is in close proximity or with direct contact. It may bite when it is afraid. A standard poodle can become anxious when left alone or without care.

Standard Poodle Training

Standard poodles are active and need daily exercise. They are energetic so they enjoy all types of activity. They are busy dogs. They like swimming, long strolls and jogging. They can play with balls, sticks and toys. They are trainable, especially at obedience and dog sports. They can excel at dock diving, flyball, field tracking and hiking. The agility of this breed enables them to be fast learners. They can be effective at tracking too. The only criterion for a training program to be successful is consistence. Standard poodles can get confused if there is constant or sporadic change in the routine.

Standard poodles are generally happy and live a long life. They are however vulnerable to some health problems such as eye disorders, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, von Willebrand’s disease, sebaceous adenitis, immune mediated disorders, gastric dilatation and bloating.

Standard Poodle History

The national dog of France is a poodle. The breed is called Caniche in France. There is no breed called the French poodle. While the breed is celebrated by the French, the breed originated in Germany. It was a duck hunter. The original name for the breed was pudelin which loosely means splashing in water. Standard poodle was bred and groomed as a water dog, primarily for retrieving. For over four centuries, it had been a purely utilitarian breed for Germans. The breed is still regarded as an efficient retriever. However, this does not apply to a standard poodle. It is a non-sporting dog.

Other names

Pudle, Caniche, Barbone, Chien Canne, Barbone, Grosse Pudel

Standard Poodle Photos

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