Give Your Buddy a Helping Paw: Benefits of Grooming Your Large Dog Regularly

Give Your Buddy a Helping Paw Benefits of Grooming Your Large Dog Regularly

The top 3 dog breeds of 2017 were all large dog breeds (Labrador, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever) as found by the American Kennel Club. Big dogs often inspire thoughts of security, loyalty, and devotion so it really isn’t surprising that most pet owners like them. They make excellent companions and live long lives–provided that their owners are never remiss with tending to their needs. One of those primary needs happens to be grooming and there are significant benefits to gain.

Protect Your Dog From Pests

Going outdoors for walks and exercise is part of being a good owner. However, you may also risk their exposure to harmful ticks that can pass illnesses like Lyme Disease. Brushing their coat or hair and giving them proper baths can help protect them from awful pests. If you do happen to find a tick on your pet, you can use tweezers to gently remove the offending insect. Do not just pull it off as ticks bury their heads into the bodies of what they feed off of. It would also be in the interest of safety to get your pet checked by their vet if they show any sudden changes in attitude or behavior after the tick is removed.

Detect Health Issues Early

Grooming helps you detect health issues in dogs because owners are very familiar with what their pets look like. When you groom them, make an effort to see if their hair is dull or their eyes are runny, you will have a big chance of detecting a problem early. There are several pretty good signs that there is something off about their health. Actively grooming your dog gives you a head start on nipping any problems in the bud by spotting the signs early on. It will also give you the sort of answers for any questions posed to you by the vet regarding the physical state of your dog.

Clean Pets Are Happier Pets

Skin problems tend to result in irritable dogs and when you’ve got a large, irritated dog in your home you’ll hardly feel at ease. You should groom your dog regularly, it will help keep their skin well-hydrated and their coats smooth and tangle-free. Well-groomed pets are less likely to develop skin issues like hives or dermatitis–ensuring a happy pet in the homestead. It also follows that a happy pet will result in a happier dog parent. After all, skin issues in dogs will require a visit to the vet and even medical creams that can cost several hundreds of dollars.

Better Relationship Between Pet and Pet Parent

Better bonding with your dog is actually one of the biggest benefits of grooming. As a pet parent, it will be your responsibility to guide your pet carefully into understanding what sort of motions and processes are part of grooming. It can include the actual bathing or brushing their hair, and even drying them off. All of this is only possible if the dog trusts the one handling them. Professional dog groomers need the necessary training to be as non-threatening to dogs because the animal doesn’t know them. As you continue to groom your big dog as it ages, you’ll develop a pretty good relationship that will show you why dogs are called “man’s best friend”.

Whether you choose to groom the dog yourself or have a professional do it, all that’s important is that the animal gets groomed. Not only does it make the animal look more presentable but it also gives them a better chance of staying in good health. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that the animal under your care is happy and healthy as possible.

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