You Will Be Surprised at the Size of These 5 Large Dogs!

Great Dane

You probably have heard numerous times that the dog is man's best friend. However, do you know that larger breeds of our furry friends are less tempered, relaxed, loyal, and loving animals? 

For centuries, these majestic animals have been used for various purposes. To date, some parts of the world actually use them for the sole purpose of their strength to not only guard their livestock but hunt as well. 

So are you thinking of adopting a dog? One of the major factors to consider when trying to have a dog for yourself is the cost factor. Cost cuts across the board, whether it's a small or a large dog. 

So how do large dogs compare with smaller dogs in terms of cost? Generally, the purchasing price of a big dog is usually high. Also, compared to their smaller counterparts, large dogs have different nutritional requirements to support their body structures. 

Proper nutrition and weight control play a huge role in your dog’s future growth. You’ll need to give your dog a specialized dog food for giant dogs, for instance, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Senior dog food to keep them healthy. 

Below are some common large dog breeds: 

St. Bernards

This is not only one of the most beautiful dogs known to man, but also one of the biggest dog breeds on earth. Basically, the dog has a height of between 69-89 centimeters and weigh roughly between 73 to 117 kilograms. 

Due to their size and their versatility, St. Bernard's are often bred for the sole purpose of working. In the Swiss Alps, the St. Bernard's are famous for carrying out different rescue operations. 

Even so, this breed of dog is known to be very friendly, loving, and extremely loyal to humans. Wouldn't you want to have such a friend? 


Huge, furry, beautiful, and loving are the only four words that can perfectly describe the Newfoundland breed. 

Contrary to common belief, these huge dogs are quite docile and friendly. They have been depicted in many movies as loyal, caring, and loving dogs, thus earning the name Gentle Giants. 

The Newfoundland weighs a whopping 118 kilograms and can measure 183 centimeters in terms of height. In their own right, these dogs are actually giants in the dog kingdom. 

Apart from being great family dogs, Newfoundlands are great swimmers. This makes them perfect for performing different water jobs, including performing rescue operations in water. 

The Great Dane

This breed of dog was not deemed great for no reason. Actually, the Great Dane holds the record for being the tallest dog on earth. Mature Great Danes can have a height of between 76 and 87 centimeters. At the same time, fully grown Danes can weigh between 54 and 90 kilograms. These facts make them perfectly fit into this category of the biggest dogs on earth. 

Originally, Danes were bred for the sole purpose of hunting. Overtime, Danes have captured the attention of the humans as exceptional companions. Even so, Danes are known to be one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. So, you wouldn't want to really mess with them!

Anatolian Shepherds

Originally from Turkey, the Anatolian Shepherd is famously known for their caring, yet versatile character. This has made them one of the best guard dogs on earth. 

In most parts of the world, the Anatolian Shepherd is known to guard sheep against a vast array of predators such as bears, wolves, and even more dangerous animals like cheetahs!

When it comes to physique, these dogs are huge. On average, these dogs weigh between 41 to 68 kilograms and they can stand tall between 76 to 68 centimeters. 

Even so, while these dogs are fearless and protective, they are loving and loyal to their guardians and pack in equal measures. 

English Mastiffs

When it comes to matters of weight, the Mastiffs reign royal. These beasts are known to be the largest and heaviest dog breeds on earth. A full-grown Mastiff can weigh between 50 and 156 kilograms with a height between 64 and 91 centimeters. In all sense, these dimensions make Mastiffs giants, if not beasts!

For the better part of their lives, Mastiffs have been known to be impressive watch dogs. No wonder Emperor Caesar of Rome was utterly impressed by this breed's performance at the conquest of England. 

Even so, Mastiffs have today been embraced by human beings for their caring and loving nature. 

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