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Spinone Italiano

Spinone Italiano Dog
Spinone Italiano Dog

Spinone Italiano Appearance

A Spinone Italiano is squarely built, large and rugged. The body length of your dog is equivalent to the height of its withers. You can tell that it has strong bones and it is well muscled. The limbs and body of your dog can suit different terrains.

Some people confuse the Spinone Italiano with the German wirehaired pointer due to the white and brown coating. This dog has a pronounced long head and an occipital that distinguishes it from other breeds. The nose of this breed has large nostrils. The nose has a color similar to its coat.

The eyes can express its high level of intelligence and comprehensiveness. He has a tail that is docked and measures at least 8 inches. The coat of your Spinone Italiano is tough and wiry. Other parts such as the ears, head, muzzle, and legs also have short hair.

The eyebrows of your dog have soft, long hair. This hair forms a profuse beard and a mustache. The coat is silky and needs constant grooming. Your dog has white, brown and orange markings. The markings also make it unique among dog breeds. This dog measures 70 cms and weighs 39 kg.

Spinone Italiano Grooming

The coat of this dog is dense and needs proper grooming. Hand-strip the coat of your dog instead of scissoring it. Hand-stripping ensures that you eliminate dead hair on its skin without ruining its fur. You should maintain the length of the fur up to one and a half inches.

Check the ears of your dog for any pests and clean them regularly. Keep the legs of your dog in a bushy state. Do not let feathers accumulate on the tail of your dog.

Spinone Italiano Temperament

This dog is intelligent. Some people use it as an assistant dog. They also like swimming, and they are easy going and affectionate to people and fellow dogs. It is gentle with kids and enjoys their company. It is patient and understands young ones.

Unlike most dogs that don't accommodate strangers, Spinone Italiano is friendly to people he does not know. This dog is not known to be aggressive and proper socialization can prevent this. It has spent many years working alongside man. This makes them loyal dogs that you can train efficiently.

Some Spinone Italiano can be stubborn when you give them repetitive tasks. It is sensitive and gentle and needs kindness not to hurt its feelings. It is active but not as racy as other breeds. It moves at a relaxed trot. You can enjoy jogging with this dog since it does not run off and leave you doing exercises alone. It prefers moving at a slow pace.

Your dog adapts well in a small yard and does not need lots of space to live in. It can slobber due to its long beard.

Spinone Italiano Training

The personality of this dog makes it easy to train. It is soft, smart and can be stubborn. You can start teaching your Spinone Italiano the basics when he is young. You can also try competitive obedience training since they are smart and love a mental challenge.

They don't like cruel treatment during training. This can make them shut down if you are too harsh on them. They can also hunt at their own pace and are not too eager to please you. You can take your dog for exercises but not daily.

They value large spaces such as a secured yard enough to play without feeling confined. They don't like playing or spending too much time alone. You must be part of the exercises to make them happy and prevent boredom. You can also keep your dog indoors since it enjoys the company of children and family members. 

Spinone Italiano History

Spinone Italiano came from Piedmont area of Italy. It is an ancient breed that was used as a gun dog.  Some people used it to hunt and retrieve game. It descended from the Russian Setter breed. Some people also say that Greek traders bought this breed in Italy during the reign of the Roman Empire. The breed was later crossed in different areas during puppyhood.

The French have a different theory since they claim that the dog descended from several breeds such as the Pudelpointer and wirehaired pointing griffon. Others claim that the dog came from Italian dogs back in 300 BC. The Kennel Club recognized it in 2000.

Other names

Spinone, Italian Spinone, Italian Griffon, Italian Wire-haired Pointer, Italian Coarsehaired Pointer

Spinone Italiano Photos

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