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Belgian Laekenois

Belgian Laekenois Dog
Belgian Laekenois Dog

If you are looking to keep a Belgian Laekenois as a pet, here’s everything you need to know about this breed.

Belgian Laekenois Appearance

The Belgian Laekenois is a rare breed and a type of Belgian sheepdog. It is a medium-sized dog with a slightly disheveled appearance. It stands 22 to 26 inches in height and weighs about 55 to 65 pounds.

Belgian Laekenois have a rough, woolly and coarse coat which offers protection in case of extreme weathers. Its fur is brownish in color with a tan, black and brown mixture. It has longer legs as compared to its size, which helps with running and covering ground.

With a long face and a pair of expressive eyes, the dog hardly bears resemblance to other domestic dogs. It has a bearded face and triangular ears which are upright. Due to the ears and eyes being darker than the rest of the coat, this breed of dog is distinguishable. Belgian Laekenois also has a long tail and deep chest.

A male Laekenois is more attractive in appearance than its female counterpart.

Belgian Laekenois Grooming

Grooming the Belgian Laekenois is easy. Its wiry and rough coat requires trimming at least twice a year.

As with any breed of dog, removing dead hair is important to keep the coat shiny and healthy. It is recommended to brush the coat of the dog once or twice a week using a coarse-toothed comb. A cloth glove with flexible bristles made of rubber can also be used. With regular brushing, you can get rid of the dead hair.

Bathing the Laekenois will also keep its coat clean and shiny, but too much bathing can affect its waterproof properties. Cleaning the ears on a regular basis is also advised to keep away infections. Use a toothbrush recommended by the veterinarian to clean its teeth to prevent tartar and plaque buildup. You can clip the nails of your Belgian Laekenois at home or get it done professionally.

Belgian Laekenois Temperament

A Belgian Laekenois can be a great pet due to its courageous and bold nature. This breed makes for impressive watchdogs. Due to its alert nature, it is quite often used in the military. It is agile and smart and can be easily trained.

Laekenois tend to be leaders of their pack and tend to be quite protective of their family. Their domination factor can be a problem if not properly trained and tamed. They also have a tendency to get aggressive if not watched properly. Owners of the dog will need to be assertive and keep the dog in check to avoid any mishaps.

Although Laekenois are not accepting of children or strangers at first, with consistent training and proper socialization, they can become trusted companions. Leaving children alone with the dog is probably not a good idea, though, and constant supervision is advised.

Belgian Laekenois Training

This breed of dog should undergo training from an early age. Due to its tendency to become aggressive, the Laekenois needs to be trained firmly and repeatedly from when it is a little puppy.

Do not, however, be unkind as it will affect your bond with the dog. When dealing with Laekenois, any harsh techniques or physical punishment should be avoided as it can further aggravate its aggressive nature. Positive reinforcement methods will work best as with any other breed of dog.

It is recommended to begin its socialization from an early age in non-stressful environments to inculcate acceptance in its nature. This shall also make it easier to control the dog in later years.

Due to high energy levels, the Belgian Laekenois will require regular exercise. Long walks are an effective way to burn its energy. This breed of dog is competitive as well and enjoy sports like tracking and herding. Inadequate exercise can be destructive for a Laekenois and may result in anxiety, depression or aggression.

Belgian Laekenois History

The Belgian Laekenois is named after a town called Laeken in Belgium, where it was most commonly found. The Laekenois was used for tending flocks and guarding. In 1891, dog fanciers in Belgian thought of forming a Belgian Shepherd Dog Club and classify herding breeds. That’s when the Belgian Laekenois and other herding breeds gained popularity.

The Belgian Laekenois was used in the military and police force due to its alert and watchful nature. In World War II, the Laekenois breed was used as a messenger dog due to its courageous and bold nature.

The Belgian shepherd was recognized as a single breed with four varieties by the United Kennel Club. The other breeds include the Belgian Tervuren, Belgian Malinois and Belgian Groenendael.

Other names

Laken, Laekense, Lakenois, Laekenois, Belgian Shepherd Dog (Laeken), Chien de Berger Belge

Belgian Laekenois Photos


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Written by Dane The Great

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