3 Simple Steps for Preventing and Dealing With Big Pet Messes at Home

The bigger the dog, the bigger the personality. But if you have a large dog in your home, you may also be dealing with bigger pet messes. Cleaning those dog messes up can become a challenge when you seem to be dealing with endless amounts of fur and drool, as well as bad behaviors. But there are a few budget-friendly and simple ways to keep your home clean and keep the bond between you and your dog strong.

Proper Training Can Help Keep Your Home Stay Cleaner

If you have a large-breed dog, then you likely are no stranger to the woes of counter surfing. Counter-surfing habits are not only dangerous for your pet’s health, but this unwanted behavior can also leave your floors a complete mess. It may be best to use training and gates to keep your dog out of danger zones for counter surfing around your home. You can use inexpensive baby gates to block off those areas but be sure that larger or more agile dogs cannot leap over them or knock them down.

Another source of mess in your kitchen is the trash can, so keep yours off limits, too. Consider installing a pull-out trash can to keep it out of reach of your dog, and use child-proofing measures to keep more clever pups from pulling those drawers out.

Dog-proofing and training can go a long way in helping you maintain a tidy home, but both can take time and effort. So if you need a little help getting your dog to behave, think about using a training collar to keep his behavior in check.

Grooming Can Keep Your Carpet and Furniture Less Furry

Proper grooming is a simple way to keep your dog and home clean at the same time. You should try to bathe your dog once a month and use pet wipes to take care of messy coats and paws in between baths. For dogs with thicker coats, you may also want to use deshedding tricks to keep all that fur off your furniture. Brush out your dog’s coat before and after a bath, and if you have a dog with a seriously longer coat, such as a giant malamute, be prepared to keep brushing for a bit. If your arm keeps getting worn out or bathing your large dog at home becomes a major hassle, you can also think about enlisting grooming help. Professional grooming can be well worth the extra expense when you are looking to keep dog fur, dander, and dirt out of your home. Frequent grooming will cut down on fur in your house, but you should also pick up a pet-friendly vacuum, since you’re still likely to find stray hairs and messes on your floors and fabrics.

Regular Cleaning Will Keep Pet Messes Under Control

Keeping your pet on a consistent grooming schedule can prevent a lot of pet messes, but dog owners also need to clean on a regular basis. If it’s been a while since you’ve deep cleaned, use a handy cleaning checklist to wipe out common pet messes. Aside from vacuuming and dusting, your tasks should also include using baking soda to soak up odors and washing any of your dog’s toys, beds, or blankets.

One of the trickier spots to clean in dog-friendly homes are painted walls. Large-breed dogs tend to drool a bit more than their smaller canine friends, which means saliva can end up on your walls. Warm water, a mild cleaner, and gentle scrubbing should do the trick, but be careful with matte paint finishes. If your dog loves to lick your windows and glass doors, you will need to deep clean those, too. You can use a vinegar to zap those spots or pick up a specialty vacuum to take care of larger areas with ease.

You shouldn’t have to worry about messes and paw prints around your home. With the cleaning and training tips above, you can prevent problematic dog messes from happening and easily clean them up when they do. The the only paw prints left behind will be on your heart.

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